What’s Pussy Cloud: A cloud-based collaboration between two kindred, feminist-rich spirits. Our podcast reclaims the word pussy and all of its ugly connotation. Listen as we discuss what it’s like sifting through life today with a lady lens.

About the Hosts
Candice Bedard and Erica Thomas met through mutual friends at college in Columbus, Ohio. Their joined love for opinions and tacos made them instant friends. They’ve been through a lot over the years, only growing their affinity for one another. In 2016, Erica moved to Nashville and soon after, side-hustlin’ Candice pitched the idea of a podcast. Pussy Cloud was born.

Special Thanks
Thank you Glenn Davis for our intro and game jingles (you can check out more of his music here), Sarah C. and other friends for contributing to our Would You Rather game, and Erica’s mom and step dad for being our first listeners.